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Thanks for visiting the “Work With Us” page. On this page, we will talk about how anyone can work with us. So let’s start from first.

The full form of BS here is Biography Status. Our website URL is So we make it shorter as per our requirements. If we talk “BS” then you should mean it is Biography Status means our website.

The BS is a website where anyone can find any famous person’s biography or biodata. This website is to help people to find the best result they need.

We upload 3-5 articles per day. At first, we started on the Tiktok star category. but then we started writing on TV Actress. now our mission is to cover every category like a cricketer, footballer, modeler, YouTuber, etc.

Currently, we are a team of 3 members. We need more teammates to grow fast. Because there are many famous people that we have t cover. As we give accurate information, so we are suffering problems to make the article more than 3 per day.

That is why we are hiring people to work on BS. We are looking for those who are interested to write on biography, biodata, lifestyle, etc.

What are your benefits?

There are lots of benefits you can get. Let’s talk one by one.

  • You will gain more knowledge.
  • You can make your profile big on the internet.
  • You will earn by making an article. (Depends on work)
  • You can get a backlink on your site.
  • You will get a team to work on internet marketing.

Who are eligible to Work With Us?

  • You have to passionate about writing or blogging.
  • You have to know how information get. (Google)
  • You have to be honest, trustable, creative.
  • You should know well in English. (Understable what you want to say)
  • Knowledge of WordPress. (We use WordPress CMS)

How many can you earn?

It totally depends on your work. If you write 1000 words article you may earn low. But if you can write 3000 words it can be more. At first, we will pay you low but day by day it will be more than before.

Note: you have to write true and accurate information.

For more information, please mail on (CEO of BS)

You can also WhatsApp on +917364076458


BS Team